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Our Approach to Pool Management in Montgomery County

Manta Pool Service, a dedicated and family-owned business with over 15 years of industry expertise, ensures a worry-free pool experience. Specializing in pool openings/closings, repairs, renovations, leak detection, and maintenance, we prioritize customer satisfaction through open communication and personalized service. Trust us for reliable, precise, and family-oriented pool care that exceeds expectations.

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What we offer ?

At Manta Pool Service, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including pool openings and closings, efficient repairs, renovations, precise leak detection, hassle-free maintenance, and seamless installations, all tailored to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition year-round.



Experience worry-free transitions with our expert pool openings and closings. We ensure a seamless start to the swimming season and a secure closure when winter approaches, providing you with peace of mind throughout the year.

Repairs and Renovations

Rely on us for swift and dependable pool repairs and renovations. From fixing equipment issues to refreshing the aesthetics, our skilled team ensures your pool stays in top condition with a modern touch.

leak detection

Count on us for precise and efficient leak detection services. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to identify and address leaks promptly, safeguarding your pool from potential damage and ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.


Experience hassle-free pool ownership with our comprehensive maintenance services. From routine cleaning to water quality management, our dedicated team ensures your pool stays in peak condition, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear water and a worry-free swimming experience.


Choose us for seamless pool installations. Whether it's installing new equipment or enhancing your pool with innovative features, our expert team ensures a smooth process, bringing your vision to life and enhancing your pool's functionality for ultimate enjoyment.



 As a small, family-owned business, our commitment to personalized service and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Why Choose Us for Pool Services Montgomery County

Manta Pool Service distinguishes itself with prompt emergency support, transparent communication, swift repairs, a family-operated approach, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Our reliable expertise and personalized care set us apart in delivering exceptional pool services.   

Dive into a worry-free pool experience with us, where every aspect is handled with precision and dedication!




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Questions that are commonly asked by customers and cover topics including product or service usage, business hours, prices, and more.

At Manta Pool Service, being a family-operated business sets us apart from larger pool service companies in multiple ways. Our commitment to personalized service and customer satisfaction is ingrained in our family values. We take pride in treating each customer’s pool as if it were our own, ensuring meticulous care and attention to detail. This hands-on approach, coupled with our extensive industry experience, allows us to establish strong relationships with our clients. Unlike larger corporations, our family-oriented business model enables us to provide a more tailored and customer-centric experience. We believe in open communication, shared values, and a dedication to excellence, ensuring that every interaction reflects the care and commitment you would expect from a family-operated business.

At Manta Pool Service, we understand the urgency of real pool emergencies that need immediate attention. In such cases, we strive to respond promptly, with the goal of scheduling a visit on the same day or as soon as possible. Your safety and the well-being of your pool are our top priorities, and we are committed to addressing urgent issues without delay.

Absolutely! At Manta Pool Service, we are more than happy to provide seasonal pool care tips and guidance. We treat our customers like family, and our commitment goes beyond our services. Whether you choose to go with our service or not, we believe in sharing valuable advice to help you maintain a healthy and enjoyable pool throughout the seasons. Feel free to reach out for any guidance you may need – your satisfaction and pool well-being are always our priorities.

At Manta Pool Service, we stand behind the quality of our work and prioritize customer satisfaction. We offer warranty coverage on our services, ensuring that you can have peace of mind regarding the work we perform. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and if you ever have concerns or are not fully satisfied with our service, we are committed to addressing and resolving any issues promptly to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At Manta Pool Service, we prioritize clear and timely communication during service appointments. On the day of the appointment, we reach out to our customers through text or call, specifying the agreed-upon timeframe for our visit established during our initial conversation. For recurring weekly or biweekly maintenance, we enhance the experience by ensuring the service is consistently scheduled on the same day each week or biweek. This commitment to a predictable schedule minimizes confusion and ensures our customers can reliably anticipate our visits. In the rare instance of any unexpected issues or adjustments, we proactively inform our customers well in advance, maintaining transparency and upholding our dedication to a seamless pool care experience.

For pool renovations, we’re pleased to offer personalized and free estimates tailored to the unique needs of your project. Our skilled team assesses factors such as the scope of renovation, desired enhancements, and any specific features you envision. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate, free of charge, to bring your vision to life. As for pool repairs, our specialization covers a wide range of services. Whether it’s addressing equipment issues, resolving structural concerns, or handling any other repair needs, we leverage our extensive expertise to ensure your pool is in optimal condition. Feel free to contact us with specific details about your repair requirements, and we’ll provide a thorough assessment along with a free estimate for the necessary repairs.